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Power Workshop

I will be presenting a seminar on how to calculate key performance indicators for combined cycle power plants at this year’s ASME Power Conference. 

For more information on the conference – including how to register for the workshop, see ASME’s website.

Looking forward to seeing many of you next month!

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ASME Power 2010 Conference

The ASME Power 2010 Conference is coming up next week (July 13-15, 2010).

I’ll be going early to take the steam turbine performance class on Monday (7/12/10), presented by Gary Golden (EPRI), James Wieters (SCANA) Dr. Simon Hogg (Durham University) and Robert Scott (Alstom). It got rave reviews last year, so I’m really looking forward to attending.

I’ll also be presenting a paper this year:

    An Experience with PTC 70 – Ramp Rates

The presentation is in Session 13-4 (Performance Test and Performance Monitoring Techniques) on Wednesday afternoon, July 14, 2010. I hope to see you there.

If you’d like a copy of the final paper and/or the presentation slides, drop me a note ( I’ll get them posted here after the conference, as well.

If you have any experiences with determining ramp rates for your facilities that you’d like to share – I’d love to hear from you.

    How do you determine your ramp rates?

Do you run a dedicated test to collect data, or do you use ‘normal’ operating data as the basis?

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41 days and counting…

…to the next T2E3 LM6000 Performance seminar.

This year, the seminar will be held in Palm Springs, CA; at the same location as the WTUI conference.

We will spend 2 days discussing the performance characteristics of the GE aeroderivative gas turbines – mostly the LM6000. 

LM6000 units PA through PG will all be discussed – although the focus will be on units which are applicable to the people in attendance (which is expected to be PC and PD).  The impact of Chillers, SPRINT and DLN will be covered as well.

The seminar includes some hands-on exercises for taking measured performance and correcting it to reference conditions, as well as exercises for predicting performance (output and heat rate) for tomorrow’s forecast weather conditions.

Other items covered in the seminar include instrumentation required for performance testing and performance monitoring, and what is included in an ASME code-level performance test (following ASME PTC-22).


More details, including a full agenda are on the website:

You can also ask questions here in the comments, or you can send them to me direct at

If you miss the seminar, but attend WTUI – please stop by for a chat.  I’ll have a booth in the exhibit hall and also plan to attend all the conference sessions as well.

See you in 41 days… and counting!

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Training in Performance Monitoring

Since I will be out of the office this week to deliver some training in performance monitoring systems – I was wondering… how often do you participate in training?
What type of training to you participate in?
Are there subjects you’d like to learn more about where training is not currently available?

The training program I’m delivering this week is a custom agenda for a private client. It will be geared toward helping the operations staff understand what their particular performance monitoring system (McHale Performance’s TEMPO system) is supposed to be doing for them – and how the operators can interact with the system to get the information they need. The goal of the training is to provide the operators with the tools and information they need to improve the performance of the plant.

If you’re interested in this type of training (or even this type of performance monitoring system), please let me know.

How often to you participate in Training?

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