State of the Union 2011

Interesting to note that “Efficient Natural Gas” is considered a Clean Energy Source.  How do you know if your facilitiy is “Efficient”? Visit the link below to download the actual fact sheet PDF.



From: State of the Union 2011 Fact Sheet: Clean Energy Standard (CES) | Alliance to Save Energy.

State of the Union 2011 Fact Sheet: Clean Energy Standard (CES)

white house
Author(s): Miriam Berg
The White House Office of Public Engagement released this clean energy sources (CES) fact sheet, “President Obama’s Plan to Win the Future by Producing More Electricity Through Clean Energy,” the night of Obama’s Jan. 25, 2011, State of the Union address.

According to the fact sheet, a global race is underway to develop and manufacture clean energy technologies, and the United States is competing with other countries that are playing to win. The United States has the most dynamic economy in the world, but Americans can’t expect to win the future by standing still. That’s why, in his State of the Union address, Obama proposed an ambitious but achievable goal of generating 80 percent of the nation’s electricity from clean energy sources by 2035.

Meeting that target will position the United States as a global leader in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge, clean energy technologies. It will ensure continued growth in the renewable energy sector, building on the progress made in recent years. And it will spur innovation and investment in U.S. energy infrastructure, catalyzing economic growth and creating American jobs.


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