GHG Impact of Electric Cars

An interesting article on electric cars and net greenhouse gas emissions (during operation) can be found at

What I don’t see them taking into consideration, is the manufacturing costs of the car. So, as long as you’re comparing the gas-only new car versus an electric version you’re OK. But, I think you’re still better off just running your existing car for another 100k miles, even if it gets pretty poor gas mileage.

The article includes some interesting charts on the regions mix of power generation across the US. I was surprised to see that TVA’s Hydro production does not have an appreciable impact on the SE generation mix. Here in Washington, BPA’s hydro is still the main source of electricity in the region.

Another note of interest was the amount of power still generated with oil in New York and Florida.

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2 thoughts on “GHG Impact of Electric Cars

  1. Shawn

    I don’t have a lot of faith that electric cars will be readily available until I start seeing more Tesla Automotive vehicles on the road. The breakdown by state was interesting but I would have like to see the volume of CO2 per capita and per square mile. Who cares if Wyoming is totally coal powered if only a few hundred thousand live in the whole state. The local vegetation will absorb it all anyway. California would be a different story all together. I was surprise to see that Illinois was almost half nuclear. Nice job Illinois!

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  2. Tina Post author

    Hi Shawn – welcome to the EEM blog!
    Good points – CO2 per capita would be an interesting statistic.
    And – how much power generated in state actually is used in the state.

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