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Conservation or Green Generation

There’s a heated debate occuring in a LinkedIn discussion – about where our investment dollars should go – Should they go to Conservation programs or new Clean Generation?

The whole discussion can be found here.

One very interesting item which was shared today – was a press release about a pilot test program by PG&E which installed SmartAC thermostats at 2,000 residences. Results showed that the utility could shave approximately 0.65 kW of load for each residence. Not much you say? When you consider they have 135,000 potential participants in the plan… that can add up to nearly 88 MW of peak load shaved – allowing the utility to avoid construction of new peaking power plants – which sit idle most of the year in anticipation of the next heat wave.

The article shared can be found here.

More about the SmartAC program from PG&E can be found here.

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