Monthly Archives: October 2009


The word of the month is apparently Consistency.

I keep hearing about how consistency makes everything better. Communication, accounting, sales & marketing, diet, exercise… the list goes on.

So, let’s add another one:

Consistency makes for a better Performance Monitoring Program.


If you are consistent in looking at (i.e. monitoring) the performance of your equipment every Wednesday morning – then you’ll start to intuitively know what the answer should be. You’ll recognize when the pattern varies from the norm much faster than if you only occasionally look at performance – sometimes once per day, other times just once per month. Small variances can easily be missed.

If you are consistent in your Performance Monitoring efforts those small variances become more obvious as you become more comfortable looking at the data. Keeping small variances in line with a water wash or an instrument calibration is a lot easier than fixing a large problem – or even finding a large problem if more than one instrument has drifted outside the expected range of operation.

When multiple data readings are suspicious, it’s a lot harder to determine the true measurements. If you can catch one bad data point at a time, large problems become less frequent – or so obvious that you’ll know when maintenance needs to get involved – immediately!

How consistently are you monitoring your performance?

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