Power Planters

A contact from LinkedIn recommended a new site for people working at Power Plants… www.powerplanters.com

I thought I would share the site here with you as well. It is a network site, like LinkedIn or FaceBook, with a twist: Members can join different power plants. You can search through the power plants already listed on the site, or add new ones – and join any that you have worked at in the past.

There are also overview groups for coal plants, gas plants, nuclear plants and more.
They currently have over 400 members all over the globe.

In today’s world where we all have more to do than time exists in a day, this may be one more stop you don’t have time to make… but, then again, if you can find someone to help with an issue quickly, because in two clicks you can find someone who works at a site with similar equipment to yours – this just might be a time saver in the long run.

I’ve joined, and setup my profile on PowerPlanters. I hope you join me.

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