WTUI – Day 4 (final)

Wednesday:  The last day of the conference – scheduled for a half-day. The first sessions in the morning were for user’s only, so I got to sleep in a few hours.  Which was very welcome after the late night watching the Charlie Daniels Band (while drinking a few too many Lynchburg Lemonades – thank you AP&M)…

The wrap-up session started with an overview of the ORAP (Operational Reliability Analysis Program) data collected for fleet RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) reporting, and then rolled into two presentations by GE – one on the official statistics of the LMS100 – which the GE rep did his best to not contradict anything Tony had told us the day before.  The second GE presentation was on the G4 uprate for the LM2500+.  Both presentations were very informative, and well received.

The last presentation covered the “twinpack” installation of two LM6000’s coupled to a single generator in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands.  The site was originally a boiler facility, retrofitted many years ago with two Rolls Royce gas turbines in combined cycle.  This project removed the two RR engines, and replaced them with the twinpack LM6000 configuration.  The project was designed to be able to reuse the existing HRSG’s and STG with minimal adjustments.  The project also had to work within the existing infrastructure, which included a historical building – so no new pipes going through walls or windows!  The project was highly successful, and has now been in operation for many months.

Also included in the session was the welcoming of the new WTUI president, following the “retirement” of Jim Hinrichs.  There were actually three retirements announced at lunch on Tuesday – Jack Dow, Gae Dow and Jim Hinrichs.  All three received standing ovations for their many years of service – the quality of which is readily apparent in the ease with which this conference has grown over the years and the value that attendees take home with them every year.

I’d like to add another “Thank You” to Jim, Jack and Gae – thank you for making this the best conference I’ve ever attended!  Your shoes will be hard to fill!

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