Conference Time

As I prepare for the Western Turbine Users conference (next week in San Diego, see, I have to  think about what my colleagues hope to get out of the conference.  For myself, it’s a chance to network – I meet up with all sorts of people as an exhibitor at the conference – and also to learn more about the issues that face the power industry. 

Last December, I attended PowerGen in New Orleans (as an author and attendee).  I’m always amazed at how large that conference is.  It would be easy for me to skip the presentations and spend all week just going through the exhibits.  But I find a lot of value in many of the presentations, too.  For example, at PowerGen, I got to hear about how many of the gas turbine manufacturers are working to expand the allowable fuels which can be burned in their units.  With the high prices of natural gas and the increased popularity of alternative fuels, such as syngas or biodiesel, the OEMs are spending valuable R&D money to support this new direction.

I’m very interested to hear what the new issues and directions are for the GE aeroderivative units (which is the focus of the WTUI conference).  I’m also looking forward to the latest news on the LMS100.

And, if you’ve ever been before – you’ll probably join me in looking forward to the presentation by Air New Zealand.  They always put on a great show.

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