Performance Monitoring Systems

There are many ways to monitor the performance of power generation equipment.  I’d like to know what people are doing out there.

How do you monitor your performance?  (I’m talking thermal performance – heat rate, efficiency, capacity, effectiveness, etc.)

Do you have a complete system, such as those provided by EtaPro, GE, Emerson, Rosemount, or others?

Do you use spreadsheets, built either by yourselves, or consultants (such as myself)?

Are your spreadsheet solutions linked into real-time data, or do they depend on manual information?

Are your operators involved in the process?

I’ve setup a poll here on my site for you to answer, or you can respond by adding a comment.

I’d like to hear what you have to say, as would many of my other readers, who may be looking to implement new programs.

Thank you for your input!

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2 thoughts on “Performance Monitoring Systems

  1. rebenstorf

    On four LM6000PC Sprint sites we have the HMI Sequence Control System (SCS) that came with the units but no DCS system. We can view realtime data but there is no historian or data logger. This is pretty much a blank canvas as far as performance monitoring and trending goes. I am wondering what other similar LM6000 users are doing? What products should I be looking at i.e.,(OSIsoft (PI), GE (PowerSmarts), EtaPro and others)?

    I have built performance monitoring screens for a combined cycle plant and test templates, but that had an Ovation DCS system with historian so that was a much different case. I test this plant biannually with station instrumentation that produces very repeatable results. I currently do not have drill-down capability on individual 4kV BOP rotating equipment, but hopefully that will change in the next 6-months.

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  2. Tina Post author

    It sounds like you need something that can at least grab the real-time data and archive it… once you have that, the rest is (relatively) easy.

    I’ll poke around and see if I know anyone in your same situation. Or – hopefully – someone will chime in here with some suggestions.


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