CWW - Compressor Water Wash Tracking Software

Program Features:

  Optimize water wash schedule for either maximum compressor efficiency or maximum plant profitability

  Track compressor efficiency trends by either fired hours or calendar date

  Built in trending functions

  Intuitive user interface

  Connectivity with MS Excel

  Data stored in open database with availability to connect with other user programs

System Requirements:

  Microsoft Windows operating system (XP, 2000 or 2003)

  10 MB of free hard drive space

  Access to plant data for manual user input to program, including:

      Compressor inlet, discharge and intermediate temperatures (T2, T25 and T3)

      Compressor inlet, discharge and intermediate pressures (P0, P25 and PS3)

Price: $1500.00 per single gas turbine / $500 for additional gas turbines at the same location.

90 Day evaluation program is available.

Click here to download the 90 Day evaluation program (.zip file).

For more information please contact:

    Tina L. Toburen, P.E.